The Secret Life Beneath the Surface - Human Psyche Dive
The Secret Life Beneath The Surface is a portrayal and at the same time a celebration of a human's complex inner world, populated by our feelings, experiences, and memories, that we experience in a very concrete way as if various versions of ourselves are alive inside us. It is a realm of chaos with an overwhelming display of private thoughts, values, and self-talk, and it embodies who we are on the inside. 

From flowing black and pink strains representing bad and good thoughts, and an agonizing soul transcending from pink pure petals to the embodiment of nostalgia and fading memories, this braided display comes together to suggest that what we see on the surface often does not reflect what is going on underneath, nor does it reveal the vast depths of this inner world.

We fade and crumble when we do not make room for all of the feelings and hidden aspects of ourselves, so this piece is also an encouragement to reconnect more with our inner world, metaphorically suggested by the moon being handed to the main protagonist. The moon is connected to water and tides, and it is said to represent our emotions and our subconscious mind.

If we become more aware of our inner self and how it balances with our outer self, we will be able to create a solid moral core that harmonizes our inner and outer worlds.

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