I work closely with your team throughout the entire creative journey. My approach focuses on three core objectives: understanding and addressing your unique needs, crafting compelling and impactful visual solutions, and ensuring a seamless design process. I bring clarity and creativity, empowering your team to navigate future challenges with confidence and vision.
The creative
01. Discover
The process starts with collecting essential information about your business goals, target audience, market context, and user needs. This comprehensive understanding helps me identify the key challenges and define clear objectives, forming a strong foundation for creative development.

02. Conceptualize
With a solid understanding of your requirements, I embark on a creative exploration to generate various ideas. This phase involves sketching initial concepts, exploring visual directions, and generally aligning my creative vision with your business strategy to lay the groundwork for impactful and unique designs.

03. Iterate
I  take the best concepts and iterate on them, refining and polishing the ideas to meet your needs effectively. This step includes testing different visual and functional approaches, gathering feedback, and making adjustments to ensure the solutions are both visually compelling and strategically sound.

04. Design
During this phase, we develop the selected concepts into finalized designs. Whether it's illustrations, game art, UI/UX design, or branding elements, I craft each component with attention to detail, ensuring it resonates with your audience and strengthens your brand identity. I will keep you involved throughout the entire time to ensure the designs align with your vision.

05. Deliver
I prepare the final assets and deliverables, ensuring they meet all quality standards and are ready for implementation. This includes providing you with all necessary files, guidelines, and support to seamlessly integrate the designs into your project. My goal is to provide you with everything you need to take the designs forward confidently.

06. Support
Our collaboration doesn't end with delivery. I offer ongoing support to help you implement the designs effectively and adapt them as your project evolves. Whether it’s additional tweaks, strategic advice, or new design needs, I am here to ensure your long-term success and foster a continued partnership.
How I can 
help out.
Creative Direction
Guiding the overall vision, strategic implementation, and meticulous execution of creative projects, ensuring precise alignment with client goals and brand identity.

Art Direction
Directing the visual style and decisions in art projects, ensuring consistency and quality in design elements like photography, illustrations, and graphics.

Crafting artwork that visually narrates stories, enhancing communication and aesthetic appeal through imaginative imagery and  design craftsmanship.

Visual development
Shaping the early visual style and foundational concepts for film or game media, ensuring cohesive aesthetics and immersive storytelling experiences.

Character Design
Crafting unique and memorable characters across various media, ensuring they captivate visually and align seamlessly with narrative contexts.

Concept Art
Creating early-stage visual explorations and designs of imaginative ideas, environments, and building entire imaginative worlds for diverse creative projects.

Game Art
Designing visually appealing graphics and immersive visual assets tailored specifically for video games, enriching gameplay experiences.

Designing intuitive interfaces for mobile apps or games, that enable seamless user interaction with digital products, prioritizing efficiency and user-friendly navigation.

Enhancing user satisfaction by optimizing usability, accessibility, and overall enjoyment through thoughtful design and interaction strategies.

Crafting a distinctive brand identity through strategic design elements such as logos, color schemes, and visual style guidelines, ensuring consistent and impactful brand representation.
Build and ship
better products.
In addition to my main strengths, through my agency Inque Studio, I offer a comprehensive array of services for building a full digital product including Product Strategy, UX Research, Interactive Prototyping, User Testing, User Interviews, MVP Prioritization, Audits, and User Journey Mapping, and more. If you're an early-stage startup building its first product iteration or an enterprise-level giant looking to boost your design resources, get in touch, and let's collaborate.
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