Andra is an illustrator, concept artist, and art director based in Spain. With more than 13 years of experience and a solid background in Illustration, Concept Art, Visual Development, Games & Apps Design and Development, she can bring a project to life whether by creating art herself or leading creative teams through the whole process from ideation to execution. 

With a keen interest in behavioral sciences and the human brain, Andra got her Master’s Degree in Cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy after graduating from the University of Psychology and Educational Sciences. Her background in Behavioral Sciences equips her to lead creative teams with empathy and a deep understanding of the psychological and emotional interactions within a team. Her expertise is an asset not only in leading teams but also in creating impactful illustrations and developing digital products that resonate with users.

Some of her clients include Apple, Nestlé, Wacom, UiPath, Ogilvy, SuperBetter, N3twork, Peak Games, and many more.​​​​​​​

Beyond her artistic abilities, Andra has also gained extensive experience in product design, using her background in psychology to understand the cognitive and emotional processes that underlie user behavior. She co-founded Inque Studio, a creative digital product design and consulting agency that not only provides a strategic approach to delivering transformational value but also creates stunning illustrations that visually enrich every digital product and gets it closer to the end user. 

In 2021, Andra launched her own digital product, a goal and habit-tracking mobile app called Haatch, designed to help users achieve their personal and professional objectives. Her experience navigating this fast-paced landscape of tech startups has given her valuable insights into developing effective product strategies and equipped her with a deep understanding of the business world and the ability to wear multiple hats in order to bring a product to market.

During her free time, Andra enjoys exploring different cultures by traveling the world and cherishes the moments spent with her dog, Kuno.

From creating worlds and art for various well-established companies or super-ambitious start-ups to leading art teams by providing strategic guidance and direction, Andra is always seeking new challenges and opportunities to innovate and create beautiful, functional, and meaningful content.

Whether you're working on a small indie project or you have a large-scale production, feel free to get in touch!

* Jury Member for AdStars 2022 Internation Advertising Festival
* Panelist at Adobe Design Mix 2022: How is the design ecosystem changing following the latest major tech innovations?

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