Andra is an independent illustrator currently based in sunny Spain, but often traveling and working remotely, while also learning about different cultures and experimenting with local cuisines.

With a keen interest in behavioral sciences and the human brain, Andra got her Master’s Degree in Cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy after graduating from the University of Psychology and Educational Sciences and decided to pursue illustration instead after being lured and felling in love with the field more than 10 years ago. Since then, she had the privilege of working closely with amazing clients, international brands and agencies from all over the world on advertising projects, concept art and visual development for games, game UI, character design, conceptual illustration, and animations. 
Some of her clients include: Apple, Wacom, UiPath, SuperBetter and many more.

Her illustrations are characterized by intricate and eye-catching details, whimsical compositions and colorful universes, plus some weird looking characters when the project allows to. Being in love with nature, she often incorporates into her work organic forms like foliage, trees, and sometimes animals.

Apart from drawing, Andra’s biggest passions are traveling, the unhealthy potato chips and her latest discovered passion for birds and bird watching. In her spare time, you can find Andra working alongside her partner on developing their own digital product.

She would be happy to delve deeper into advertising, animation, visual development, book illustrations, editorial and product/package design, so feel free to get in touch.

Selected interviews:

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