Pricolici - Unveiling Romanian's Dark Legend
Meet the Pricolici, one of the super cool creatures that Romanian folklore and mythology have to offer. The Pricolici is some sort of a werewolf-vampire, a wolf-man, and an evil creature into which really bad people transform (benevolently, after a curse, or after the bite of another Pricolici) and start to harm living innocent people. The legend says that the Pricolici usually joins a pack of wolves, and together, they kill other animals or people. Even as recently as modern times, many people living in rural areas of Romania have claimed to have been viciously attacked by abnormally large and fierce wolves they refer to as Pricolici ☠️

The Pricolici, alongside other fantastic creatures from Romanian or other neighboring countries’ folklore, can be discovered as a part of Romanian’s first Augmented Reality festival @xrmonth . The 2022 edition transformed the cities of Timisoara and Bucharest into a magical land filled with fantastical creatures and magic stories through an augmented reality filter. 
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