Narentines - Set Sail 
with Pirate Tales project is being built around a pirate tribe that occupied an area of southern Dalmatia, around the Neretva River (Narenta). They were active in the 9th and 10th centuries. Narentines used to loot Venetian ships and merchants.
The idea of the project is to create 10,000 randomly generated portraits of Narentines, as NFTs that live on Ethereum Network.

In my role within this project, I was entrusted with several key responsibilities. Firstly, I had the honor of creating the Narentines´ logo – a symbol that encapsulates the spirit and essence of the Narentines.

Additionally, I played a central role in shaping the visual direction of their NFT character series. Drawing upon the rich history and culture of the Narentines, I curated a distinctive style that brings depth and authenticity to each portrait, capturing the imagination of collectors worldwide.

One of the highlights of my involvement was the creation of our vertical web illustration. This piece serves as a gateway to the world of the Narentines, inviting visitors on a journey through time and legend.
Web Illustration.
Designed to evoke the spirit of the legendary pirate tribe, this website experience is meant to transport visitors on a voyage from the rugged beauty of the Neretva River to the enchanting city of Venice.

As you scroll through the illustration, you'll be immersed in the lush flora of the Neretva Valley, with thick-trunked trees and vibrant vegetation framing the scene. Pirate-infused elements add an air of adventure and intrigue, hinting at the storied history of the Narentines as they roamed these lands centuries ago.

As you continue to explore, the landscape gradually transforms, offering glimpses of Venice's iconic architecture and bustling waterways. ​​​​​​​
NFT Character.
I led the design and style direction for Narentines' NFT characters, which are frogs embodying the spirit of pirates, villagers, Venetian citizens, sailors, and Roman senators. 

My role included designing the base version of the character so that artists could reference it and overseeing the creation of clothing, accessories, and other traits to ensure they aligned with the defined style. Collaborating with the team, we combined traditional clothing references with original concepts to create a diverse cast of characters that reflect the rich history of the Neretva River region.
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