Glist - A Fairy´s Touch 
to Eyelash Beauty
 Embarking on an exciting venture, I delved into a beautiful project focused on the packaging design for Glist's eyelash serum - Oh My! Lash Serum. My task was twofold: guiding the artistic direction to ensure the final illustration encapsulated the brand's essence and resonated with its target audience, while creating the illustration that would adorn the inner side of the box, serving as a delightful surprise for those unveiling its contents.

Inspired by the enchanting narrative of a fairy crafting the serum, we aimed to evoke a sense of magic, surrealism, and vibrancy within the artwork. We envisioned a whimsical environment where a fairy could comfortably dwell, surrounded by an array of fantastical elements.

Given Glist's commitment to sustainability and animal-friendly practices, we sought to incorporate these values into the composition. Thus, the illustration prominently features lush plant life and playful animals, reflecting the brand's dedication to responsibly sourced ingredients and environmental stewardship.
A pivotal aspect of the artwork was the inclusion of celestial symbols – the sun and the moon – positioned strategically in the bottom left and top right corners respectively. These symbols not only added visual interest but also served a functional purpose, distinguishing between the daytime and nighttime versions of the serum.
My role as the art director was to ensure that the illustration not only met the aesthetic standards of Glist but also conveyed its brand identity, values, and commitment to delivering products that inspire beauty and sustainability.
*Packaging rendered by Ric Pulanco
Here is a peek into the steps I've taken to bring this illustration into its final form.
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