Burnout - A Visual Exploration of Exhaustion
Given the continuous demands of modern life, burnout has become extremely common and you can hear about it frequently. We take on more work and responsibilities, we work longer hours, we sacrifice free time and no matter how much we've achieved, there is always room for more. For the vast majority of people, this continuous striving is clearly unsustainable and eventually leads to burnout.

This illustration is a personal exploration around the concept of burnout at its earliest stages and around the feelings and expressions that one might experience: trying to stay afloat, running on empty, feeling depleted of energy, drowning, apathy and feeling tired all the time. 

From people holding onto batteries to not drown while others are just casually waiting to be mechanically recharged, to people embracing canisters of fuel while pumps are being held by a giant hand, everything is designed to illustrate a surreal embodiment of a serious condition using an overwhelming composition of elements.
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