Artelier - Scrolling into Colorado's Essence
An extended vertical illustration for Artelier, an upcoming Colorado-based web agency. 
The illustration will serve as one continuous immersive environment that unfolds as you scroll down on their website, revealing micro-animations and interactions of the individual elements
The entire concept is inspired by three well-known Colorado landmarks: Pikes Peak, Garden of the Gods, and Manitou Incline.
We've gathered various photo references particularly with Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods during sunset plus some illustrations with great color palettes and examples of animations and interactions.​​​​​​​
Concept Sketch.
The initial sketching process started with comprehensive research on specific views of Pikes Peak accompanied by a continuous routine of map checking in order to increase the placement accuracy of the natural elements. Also, a quick exploration phase of the different types of flora and fauna common in high-altitude mountains and in the lower regions of the same area was conducted in the early stages as well.

The length of the entire illustration had to be determined by three main areas of actual content, divided roughly into a vertical scrolling experience. Each of the main areas had different elements as focal points, allowing the accommodation of headlines, paragraphs, and calls to action.

The composition starts with a sunset view of Pikes Peak, then gradually descends through pine trees, rocks, and into the Manitou Incline. Along the road, you may encounter a chilled bighorn sheep, a friendly deer, and a bear. The Manitou Incline goes all the way down to the Garden of the Gods, an area mostly covered by aspen and some pine trees, while the last view of the illustration contains a particular viewpoint of the Garden of the Gods, that I particularly enjoy, framed by old and twisted juniper trees.
Final Render.
For the final illustration, the intent was to have s strong focus on the colors and the future animated individual elements, in order to create a calm, soothing, and majestic vibe and mood.
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