Pre-K Letters and Numbers is a tracing app aimed at kindergarten kids who are just setting out to build a foundation of language and numeracy, develop fine motor skills, understand phonics and build their vocabulary with the bonus of blending common letters and counting. App's unique characters, music, sounds and over 75 fruit, vegetable, animal and items around the house illustrations help with the learning experience. Elel, Momo, Lili and friends guide the child through the letters, numbers and phonics experience with clear instructions, applause for success and "Oops" for mistakes.

The app is developed by BrightStartApps, an interactive learning system that teaches children Letters, Words, Numbers and Phonics in a fun and engaging way following government curriculum's adopted in UK, US and Canada from pre-K to grade 5. The application brings together experiences in the classroom to your children's hands with the bonus of allowing parents and teachers to monitor their performance.

My task was to create a new design approach for all the characters and environments depicted throughout the different difficulty levels of the entire app.  Also, I was responsible for creating the navigational patterns, rethink and improve the UI in order to make the learning experience easier and more enjoyable for kids.​​​​​​​

The app is available for download on the App Store

Home Screen
Game Screen

The entire concept of learning is based on a visually guided process of tracing a specific letter.  After the successful completion of the outline, a random word beginning with the same letter will be displayed, accompanied by a descriptive image in order to stimulate the visual memory and support memorizing the actual letter.​​​​​​​


Throughout the entire learning process, the kids will be accompanied by a bunch of square headed animals (I mean who doesn’t find funny a flamingo with a head in a shape of a small box). These companions will react to the kid’s direct actions, displaying a range of emotions according with the result. For example, if the tracing was done correctly then the squared headed lion might be quite happy about it, but If somehow, the outline was done incorrectly then he might get pretty mad (ROOARRR!!).
The userbase is split between teachers, parents and kids, forming two super different archetypes of users. The usability, ease of use and replayability factors played huge roles in the outcome of the UI. The interface had to be extremely engaging for the small users and we achieved this by using colorful, almost edible, eye candy popping graphics, but used to a certain degree in order not to alienate the older audience.
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