While there are many things that can symbolize the Christmas season, from pine trees, winter decorations, and perfectly wrapped gifts, to the smell of a freshly baked cinnamon roll on a cold winter morning, there are just a few brands that can be perceived as synonymous with all things Christmas. 
The Coca-Cola brand is strongly connected with Christmas and its famous winter season advertising campaigns are one of the best and loved by consumers. The connection is so strong, that some people truly believed that Coca-Cola was responsible for creating the iconic Santa Claus figure, as their Christmas marketing campaign started as early as 1931 when they had commissioned an illustrator to create an oil painting of a jolly Santa drinking a Coke. 
Having that said, I got inspired by all these lovely Coca-Cola Christmas campaigns plus the beautiful Klaus animation I've seen recently, so here's my take on the idea of a truly magical Christmas for Coca-Cola Romania.

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